Push Messaging Tutorials

Adding AirBop and Google Cloud Messaging to an Android app is easy. Just follow along...

Getting started with AirBop.

This article will walk you through the basic steps in setting up your AirBop account as well as getting your Google Cloud Messaging project ID and API keys. Be sure you read this tutorial before moving on to the actual integration steps.

Tutorial: Getting Started with AirBop

Adding AirBop to your app.

This article is a detailed walkthrough of how to incorporate Google Cloud Messaging into your Android app, and the interaction with AirBop's servers.

Tutorial: Adding AirBop and GCM to Android Apps

Sample Android app airbop-client

You are of course welcome to use any of its helper functions or classes in your own apps.

Download: Sample 'AirBop Client' Android app source code

How does Google Cloud Messaging work?

Some of these parts are provided by your app, other parts are provided by GCM and then there is the black box known as the '3rd-party Application Server'. AirBop can take that burden off your shoulders today. This article will walk you through everything you need to know to get started using Google Cloud Messaging using AirBop as your server component.

Article: How does Google Cloud Messaging work?

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