About Us

The story of AirBop was years in the making...

We've been making software since 1991. Cool things too, like Andromo App Maker for Android.

We specialize in software development tools that let programmers generate ideas, not pages of complicated code. Seasoned programmers and novices alike continue to turn to our award-winning line of software solutions, including AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate and Visual Patch.

With the launch of Andromo App Maker for Android, we brought our goal of taking the complexity out of software development to the world of mobile devices. Andromo is an online app making service that generates 100% native Android apps with no programming required. With over 130,000 members, and over 10,000 Andromo-built apps available on Google Play, Andromo has quickly earned a reputation as the number one Android App Maker for anyone.

AirBop builds on our expertise in programming for mobile devices and in taking the frustration out of the development process. AirBop allows app developers to add push notifications to their Android apps without the time and expense of creating a solution from scratch. As with all of our products, AirBop keeps developers focused on generating great ideas, not on reinventing the wheel.

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Indigo Rose Software Corporation
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Indigo Rose is privately held, with its headquarters located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.